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Birdathon 2011

Yesterday was devoted to a full day of birding, from an early wake-up at 4:00 am until finally getting home at 10:30 pm.  Long day, but great fun with a group of about 20 mostly quite experienced birders from the … Continue reading

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Texas in April

Just back from a fabulous two-week roadtrip to Big Bend National Park, the Hill Country, and San Antonio, highlights of which included my target birds of scissor-tailed flycatcher and painted bunting, but also added nesting Gray Hawk and Eastern Screech-Owl, … Continue reading


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Countin’ Beaks

Clouds and a touch of rain this morning didn’t stop the Thursday Birders from seeing a special bird right off the bat this morning, a Painted Redstart, which is usually found much further south (e.g., Silver City area).  Got a … Continue reading

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Zimbabwe Safari

Terrific morning with a delightful couple from Zimbabwe visiting their daughter, who’s a neighbor of mine.  Despite forecasted breezes and a building overcast, we saw most of the birds I’ve seen lately in Embudito and at the Rio Grande Nature … Continue reading

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Baby Owls and More

Spotted several Greater Roadrunners in Embudito yesterday, including the fluffed up one below (it was unusually cold that morning). This morning, I checked on the Tramway Wetlands, but it’s nearly bone-dry these days with few birds.  Things were also pretty … Continue reading

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Yeah Baby!

Finally, the two owlets at the Rio Grande Nature Center in the Great Horned Owl nest made an appearance for me!  Rumor has it they were first seen, or at least one of them, two weeks ago, but this morning … Continue reading

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Mariposa Morning

Nice long walk up Domingo Baca canyon this morning, but birds seemed overly quiet and I only saw about 10 species.  However, there were a few delightful butterflies out this morning, including this Sandia Hairstreak and a Mourning Cloak. At … Continue reading

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