Mariposa Morning

Nice long walk up Domingo Baca canyon this morning, but birds seemed overly quiet and I only saw about 10 species.  However, there were a few delightful butterflies out this morning, including this Sandia Hairstreak

Sandia Hairstreak

Sandia Hairstreak

and a Mourning Cloak.

Mourning Cloak

Mourning Cloak

At least I think that’s what they are.  (Hopefully,  Rebecca will let me know if either is totally off-base.)  There were a couple of other species flitting about, but in too much of a hurry to pose long enough for a photograph.


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Birding, butterflies, nature photography, and travel blog from right here in Albuquerque New Mexico.
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2 Responses to Mariposa Morning

  1. Rebecca Gracey says:

    Your identification of both butterflies was correct and the photos are great.

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