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Southwestern Spring Roadtrip

It’s been an amazing week since Spring first sprang forth on March 20, and perfect weather for a road trip to Tucson for some birds and butterflies!  Springtime in Albuquerque typically involves some good wind and a few dust storms, … Continue reading

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Butterfly Bonanza

My last post had a few pictures of the first of the butterflies of the season.  Well, this week things really got going in the butterfly world, with perfect weather and almost a dozen species seen, including two that were … Continue reading

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Butterflies, Birds, and One New Owl

Several of us have been keeping an eye out for butterflies over the last few weeks now that they’ve started flying again.   The last one I saw was a West Coast Lady back on November 23, but recently we’ve been … Continue reading

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A Few Good Owls

My last post highlighted the two Great Horned Owl nests reported recently that are currently occupied down by the Rio Grande. Two days later on one of my infrequent visits to the Willow Creek Open Space at the northern end … Continue reading

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