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April to May

Quite a few pictures this time of the usual butterflies and birds, but also a few other interesting sightings during the last couple of weeks from mid-April into early May. On February 21, I’d noticed a Great Horned Owl taking … Continue reading

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April Butterfly Bonanza

This post, my first of the month, is going to focus entirely on some of the amazing butterflies we’ve been seeing around here lately. Some are from my Oso Spring survey route in Embudito for the New Mexico Butterfly Monitoring … Continue reading

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Here Come the Butterflies

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, but finally a couple of days recently turned up an amazing variety of butterflies for so early in the year. Photos of some of these butterflies will form the bulk of this post. … Continue reading

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Let the Nesting Begin

Since my last posting, it seems most of the owls have joined the party and started their nesting season. We’d stumbled across a first nest on February 10 near the Rio Grande Nature Center, and about a week later started … Continue reading

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Some Birds of February

A little over two weeks since my last post, and while we caught a good snowstorm early in February, the weather’s been rather chilly but otherwise generally nice with clear skies. Starting to notice the days getting longer with a … Continue reading

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And on to February

Almost the end of January and nearly a month since my last post. Seems I’ve been a bit distracted lately, and either not getting out much at all or at the wrong time of day. Weather’s been mostly good if … Continue reading

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On to 2022!

Since my last post, we’ve been on two Christmas Bird Counts, the Bosque del Apache CBC on 12/18/21 and the Albuquerque CBC the next day. We had to skip the Sandia CBC after it was rescheduled from 12/26/21 to 1/1/22 … Continue reading

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Birds and Butterflies into mid-November

Since my last posting on October 24, the weather has continued to be quite nice and here it is November 15 and we still haven’t had our first freeze. It’s been somewhat surprising to still being seeing a good variety … Continue reading

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Butterfly to Bird Transition

It’s always tricky trying to come up with a title for my blog posts, and seems like I have to do that before adding any text or pictures. I had two ideas for this one. At first I was thinking … Continue reading

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Past August

So here we are in September already with August in the rear-view mirror and autumn almost upon us. Not too many pictures this time, but on what started out as an unusually cloudy day (due to the remnants of a … Continue reading

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