Mas Osprey

Before I get to today’s Osprey, yesterday was a bit breezy for birds, but I did get this picture of one of the numerous caterpillars that have been crawling all around the arroyos,  up the stucco walls around my house, and one that was on a perennial sage, one of the first pictures I’ve liked with my recently acquired 100 mm Tokina macro lens.  No idea what it might morph into, but definitely more complex up close and personal than you’d think.



Today’s Audubon Thursday Birder trip was to Pena Blanca and Cochiti Lake with a great group of birders including two visitors from Wisconsin (who I understand later finally got the Greater Roadrunner that was the whole point of their trip, other than the weather presumedly).   Even better than the Osprey seen two days ago at Tingley Ponds, today we got to see one nesting just before you cross the river on a platform mounted on a telephone pole.



But the real highlight of the day of the (what was it, 57 species?), was a flock of about seven Evening Grosbeaks, which Matt O’Donnell first spotted off in the distance and the rest of us got to see popping in and out of a juniper tree just feet from where we had lunch at the Cochiti Golf Course.  Don’t know about anybody else, but that’s the first time I’ve seen one in at least a decade, not to mention seven of them at once.

Evening Grosbeak

Evening Grosbeak


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4 Responses to Mas Osprey

  1. Rebecca Gracey says:

    That was a very good photo of the Evening Grosbeak, the Bird of the Day!

  2. Matt says:

    The Franklin’s Gulls were a pretty good sighting too! Nice photos, Joe.

  3. Thanks, Matt. Wish I’d gotten a good picture of those gulls, but so it goes ;-(

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