The Complexities of Life

For weeks now, I’ve been telling everybody to double-check those lumps in the trees…if it’s not mistletoe or an old nest, it’s almost surely a porcupine.



Turns out that’s not always the case.  On today’s stroll along the levees off of La Entrada in Corrales, three of those lumps (here’s two of the pictures) were actually raccoons!



Raccoon’s seem to be a little darker and a lot fuzzier.



Two of them were just splayed out on a branch like that guy, leaving you to wonder if they’re even alive, but I think that’s a trick to keep predators away, since this guy did indeed change position over time.

Of course, the point of today’s Thursday Birders expedition was birds, for which we tallied 38 today, including (new for me), a Lincoln’s Sparrow.

Lincoln's Sparrow

Lincoln's Sparrow

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