Romero Road – Corrales

After a quick but not very productive stop at the Calabacillas Arroyo just north of Paseo del Norte, I headed to the Romero St. parking area at the north end of Corrales to check out the ditch and woods near the Rio Grande.  A couple of the highlights along the ditch were a Bewick’s Wren, Song Sparrow, Black Phoebe, and several Lesser Goldfinches – the latter the first of the season for me, so Spring must be on its way.

Lesser Goldfinches

Lesser Goldfinches

A rare treat in the overgrown woods near the river was a very quiet Hermit Thrush in an area much too dark for pictures, but great to see.  Heading back as the breeze was coming up and the sky beginning to cloud over, a Cooper’s Hawk darted quickly through the trees apparently after something, and its flight scared several other birds along the way into dashing away.

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