Same Place, Different Day

Long morning back at Rio Grande Nature Center, this time with the Audubon Thursday Birder group, and much better weather – warm and no wind.  Started everything off when Lefty pointed out the porcupine in the big cottonwood just north of the parking lot (where I’d seen it a couple weeks ago).  Livelier than normal, our big group must’ve woken him up before he settled back in for his nap.



Great group of birders (and a few good photographers) today, according to Rebecca totaling 44 species (not counting the roadrunner I spotted heading out of the parking lot on the way home), and included getting buzzed by probably the same two Cooper’s Hawks as yesterday who we guess are checking out nesting sites.

Not too many pictures for me today.  Thought I got a great one finally of a ruby-crowned kinglet right in front of us in the sun, but as you can tell from the picture below, it sometimes helps to focus on the bird rather than the twig in front of it …snaarrgghh!

Fuzzy Kinglet

Fuzzy Kinglet


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