Sunday Morning – Tingley Ponds

A rather productive morning at Tingley Ponds for about an hour.  Usually I start out walking the short trail after crossing the rail and bike path through the woods to the two ponds in the woods west of the fishing ponds.   Saw about 20 species, including this Eastern Bluebird (note the orange under the throat).

Eastern Bluebird

In comparison, the Western Bluebird (from Embudito yesterday) has an all blue head.

Western Bluebird

Other good birds today were a Northern Pintail, Belted Kingfisher, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, a Song Sparrow and a Bewick’s Wren, and flyovers by a Cormorant and five  Sandhill Cranes.  Just south of the ponds, a Great Blue Heron was roosting in a cottonwood near the river, and a nice surprise was this huge porcupine nestled in a tree.


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