Embudito Canyon

Fairly lively morning as I wandered around Embudito Canyon today looking for all the birds that have started showing up there that I’ve noticed in the last few days.  A surprise this morning was a Ruby-crowned Kinglet in the scrub oaks along the north side of the arroyo, which also held a Spotted Towhee.   Between yesterday and today, also present were the Cactus Wrens, Ladder-backed Woodpecker, and Gambel’s Quail just inside the wilderness boundary (The Scaled Quail were also calling this morning.).

Cactus Wren

Ladder-backed Woodpecker

Curve-billed (mostly) and Crissal Thrashers were about, along with the Juncos, Bushtits, House Finches, White-crowned Sparrows, Canyon Towhees, and Scrub Jays.

Crissal Thrasher

Curve-billed Thrasher

A couple of Mourning Doves were cooing from the rocks, and several Robins, Western Bluebirds, and Northern Flickers were dashing about as I got closer to the spring.  Yesterday, a Canyon Wren was calling from the mouth of the canyon, but never quite managed to see it.  An interesting show was provided yesterday of a Red-tailed Hawk with a fresh Desert Cottontail rabbit in his claws; the hawk just kept dashing back and forth and soaring around, apparently not quite sure if lunch was ready.  Earlier this week, I spotted a Black-throated Sparrow in the canyon.

Red-tailed Hawk


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